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May 19, 2017

New Westminster Dance Program presents…

The New Westminster Dance Program is pleased to present this semester’s final dance show on Wednesday May 31st at 7:00PM at Massey Theatre.

The Senior dancers present, “Toy Story: Welcome to Sunnyside”, a story that brings to life the toys of a special little boy named Andy. When Andy grows up, his toys think he is throwing them away and decide to change their fate. Watch as the toys experience a new adventure and learn what matters most – the friendship they have with each other. 

The Junior dancers present, “Prism: Colours of Me, Colours of Us”. The defining characteristic of a prism is that it refracts light. The result is a spectrum, an array of light waves or particles. Here, we have an array of students. This show is the expression of the light we have received, the light we have shared and the light we have within, refracted through our body’s prism so that you may see all of the colours of what we have learned.  

Please come out and enjoy the fun, high -spirited show full of laughter, cheers and especially dance!

 Tickets available at; $8.00