Departments & Programs - Modern Languages

The Languages Department

The NWSS Languages Department offers a variety of second language studies, including multiple entry points for some courses. These include:

  • French (French Honours, French International Baccalaureate)
  • French Immersion (Éducation physique, français langue, sciences humaines, science naturelles)
  • Japanese
  • Punjabi
  • Spanish

The goals of the NWSS Languages Department is to provide students with the ability to:

  • communicate effectively with purpose and confidence in other languages;
  • appreciate the richness, uniqueness and interconnectedness of different languages and cultures;
  • deepen their understanding of their first language and of their own cultural identity;
  • develop life-long learning skills and abilities for careers and world exploration;
  • understand the educational, travel and career opportunities that learning additional languages offers; and
  • have fun while acquiring an additional language

Upon entering NWSS, students are free to choose one or more languages to study between grades 9 through 12. Course offerings and availability are subject to student request and enrolment. The Languages Department is in the process of updating resources and content material to align with the revised Core French curriculum. Upon completion of the Additional Second Languages Curriculum, the same will occur for the other languages offered at NWSS.

It should be noted that the second language courses offered at NWSS are designed for students who are non-native speakers. Students who have significant expertise in a world language (other than English) may opt for additional credit as per the BC Ministry of Education website by means of completing an external Language Challenge Exam at the grade 11 or 12 level. Information regarding this Language Challenge Exam is shared in the fall each year. Families are encouraged to discuss these options with the appropriate guidance counsellor.

Department members:

Department Head:

Mr. Rome Lavrencic

French Teachers:

Mrs. Taisia Babii
Ms. Golasa Khastoo
Mr. Rome Lavrencic
Mr. Dominic Pistor
Mr. Gary Sures

French Immersion Teachers:

Mrs. Taisia Babii
Ms. Béatrice Bigras
Mr. Bryan MacMaster
Mr. Dominic Pistor
Mr. Jacques Poirier
Mr. Gary Sures

Japanese Teachers:

Ms. Natasha Rivera
Ms. Kathy Shannon

Punjabi Teacher:

Mr. Satnam Sangra

Spanish Teachers:

Mr. Trevor O’rourke
Ms. Rosa Becerril