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NWSS School Learning Plan

School Learning Plan 2020-2021

19.20.NWSS School Learning Plan

Our School Learning Plan 2018-2019, Improving Student Ownership of Learning, builds upon the 2017-2018 plan, Improving Engagementand the 2016-2017 plan, Improving the Individual User Experience, Each Learner at a Time.

The Canadian Education Association (CEA) describes engagement as the extent to which students:

  • identify with and love being at school,
  • have a sense of belonging,
  • participate in academic and non-academic activities,
  • strive to meet the formal requirements of schooling, and, perhaps more importantly,
  • make a serious personal investment in learning

At New Westminster Secondary School, we value a strength-based approach to learning and we believe that relationships are foundational to engagement with school and to all learning experiences.



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