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Learning Support Services
NWSS is committed to being an inclusive school. Most of our students experience success within a regular classroom setting using differentiated learning strategies. Learning Support Services strives to meet the needs of all learners by offering a variety of programs, resources, and learning strategies to a wide range of students who require support, adaptations or Individual Education Plans.

NWSS operates an open door learning support model. Students do not have to be scheduled into blocks of support but are able to access support at any time in the Senior or Junior HUB. Both HUBs are staffed with a minimum of two learning support teachers and can support students in all areas, including languages. Having learning support teachers available to students at any time during the day allows us to be responsive to learning needs as soon as they are identified by either the student or the classroom teacher. Learning gaps are addressed immediately and support is purpose driven and meaningful. In addition, students are able to access as much or as little support as they need to be successful. The support can be increased or decreased as the demands of the academic year change. Being non-scheduled allows us to be flexible, dynamic and personalized in the way we address the needs of our diverse learners.

Foundations for Success
The Foundations program is primarily for students working towards a School Completion Certificate. It provides a framework for planning student learning and fulfilling the School Completion Certificate requirements. The program focuses on highly personalized learning that combines specialized courses, elective courses, content courses, community experiences and incorporates IEP goals and objectives. The key objective of Foundations is to provide the opportunity for personalized learning in functional skills, combined with opportunities to develop academic and social understandings, in an inclusive setting within the school and the community. Specialized courses include: Numeracy and literacy, community access, social skills, independent living, and job explorations. We work closely with Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, parents and other outside agencies to provide instruction and proper adaptations and/or modifications for the students in and out of the classroom.  We also work with local community agencies to assist with transitioning programs and student goals from high school to adult life.

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