Aboriginal Education

New Westminster Schools is committed to improving school success for Aboriginal students.

Our second Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreement represents a commitment by the Aboriginal and school communities, and the Ministry of Education:

  •  to honor the diverse histories and cultures of Aboriginal peoples,
  • to increase the awareness of students, staff and community members of the contemporary and historical issues that affect Aboriginal peoples,
  • to increase the integration of relevant Aboriginal resources in classrooms, and
  • to increase academic and social success for all Aboriginal learners.


Our goal statements are:

  • Help Aboriginal students develop pride, confidence and self-esteem through identification with their ancestry;
  • Improve the performance of Aboriginal learners in Grades 4-7 in reading and writing;
  • Support Aboriginal students in making smooth transitions as they:
    • Enter school
    • Move between schools
    • Move from elementary to middle to secondary;
    • Move from Grade 10-11 and 11-12; and
    • Prepare to enter the workforce of post-secondary education.

New Westminster Schools will continue to monitor progress and adjust strategies and targets as needed. Our Aboriginal Education staff includes:

  • District Vice-Principal for Indigenous Education, Connie Swan, responsible for the development, design and support of programs for Aboriginal students in K to grade 12.
  • District Cultural Facilitator, supporting Aboriginal students at the secondary school level and assisting in the delivery of the District cultural program for kindergarten to grade 12.
  • District Aboriginal Support Workers who provide academic, social and cultural support to Aboriginal students throughout our district; liaise between schools and families; and support the ongoing development and implementation of Aboriginal teachings.
  • New Westminster Secondary School Aboriginal Youth Worker Sherry Bellerose, who provides individualized support to NWSS Aboriginal students as needed. Services may include: tutoring supports, homework clubs, cultural field trips, after-school programming, and post-secondary planning assistance.