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October 5, 2023

Absentee Photo Day – Friday, October 13th

Absentee Photo Day will take place on Friday, October 13th during Blocks A and B in the Theatre. 

Priority will be given to students who were absent on photo day followed by retakes for those who require them and will be ordering photos. 


Please note, retakes will be taken in cases where the photograph requires improvements, e.g. eyeglass glare, eyes closed, poor posture, head tilted NOT because students do not like their smile or picture. 


Students who require a retake must bring their ID cards to the session.  The photographer will need to scan the QR code on it. 


For common questions related to Artona’s school photography process, please see the list of FAQs below. Once again, for students and families looking to view and order their photos, please provide the following link to our website: 


Thank you!