Students - Grads


General University entrance requirements include the following courses:

  • English 12
  • Math 11 (Foundations or Pre-Calculus)
  • Academic Science 11
  • 3-4 other approved academic grade 12 courses
  • Sometimes a second language (grade 11 level)
  • A particular program may have additional requirements.

NOTE: The most accurate information is available online on the university websites.

Some college programs as based on basic grade 12 graduation, while others have specific course requirements. A college to university transfer program means that you start studying at a college and transfer to a university to complete your degree or program.

NOTE: These are general requirements that can change. The most accurate information is available online on the college websites.

The Post Secondary Institutions Form (PSI) allows students to provide their transcript information to a number of post-secondary institutions. The PSI selections form is available on-line at:

The counselling department offers a variety of post-secondary information sessions. See your counsellor for more details.