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November 24, 2020

Share your NWSS Stories!

After 70 years of serving the youth in the community, New Westminster’s only high school is being replaced – with the current school scheduled to close in 2021. To honour all it has meant to people in the community, we’re planning a celebration of the important history of this school and the many individuals who attended and worked there.

In order to do that we’re creating a historic landmark project that will bring people together, in a virtual celebration and live-streamed event being planned for May 2021.

Help us honour the history of the current building, while joining us in the opportunity to say farewell to an important part of New Westminster history. We’re are calling on all of you – whether you’re a past student, employee, parent, volunteer, or even the child or grandchild of someone with a deep connection to the school – please share your stories of life at NWSS with us. 

It is the personal stories that will give life and nostalgia to the spaces in the building and its surrounds. We want to hear from anyone for whom NWSS was a significant milestone in their lifelong journey:

  • What made your time at that school exceptional? How did those old halls or classrooms shape or change you?
  • Is there some story that relates to the building itself? An old ghost that wanders the halls? What about a rumoured secret location (was there really a pool)?
  • Do you have a story or notable event about the library, the drama room, chemistry class, or maybe the overpass that others over the years could identify with?

Our goal is to share some of these stories during the live-streamed event. Collectively these stories will provide an entertaining and informative program, a memorable celebration of an important physical space in New Westminster’s history.

Please reach out to others you know that may also have a connection with NWSS and have them drop us a line at the email below.

Send all stories – written or video ­– or photos you’d like to share (if there are people in the photos, consent needs to be given by all parties before sending) to by JANUARY 31, 2021.