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January 6, 2017

Semester Transition Week

With the evolution of our Provincial Examination requirements announced in June of 2016, the school has been looking at different and innovative ways to offer engaging learning opportunities for our students. Based on our conversations we have restructured the traditional exam week.

An overview of the schedule of current opportunities for the week of January 23rd through 27th is available here.

Some additional information:

Open Learning (may occur on Thursday as well, this is on a Departmental basis) – Departments will determine a schedule of various offerings throughout Tuesday afternoon and all day Wednesday. Students will have the opportunity to sign up for activities throughout these days

– Passion projects (learn something you’ve always wanted but could never fit into a schedule),

– Study skills sessions,

– English Enhancement for our Language Learners

– Club related activities,

– Cohort activities (IB),

– drop-in tutorial time,

– Cross-Curricular Lessons,

– Core Competency Lessons,

– Enhancement Days (open to all students),

– Preview Sessions (Semester 2 Courses)

– Health and Wellness Activities (Yoga, Introduction to Martial Arts, Salsa Dancing, Snow-Shoeing)

– Course promotion (teachers who’ve been trying to get a course up and running but haven’t been able to get enough subscribers – may choose to run a lesson or two throughout these days,

– variety of other innovative/creative lessons.

For a list of potential activities please go to

Guided Dialogue – students will be assigned times to come to the school based on grade level. During this time, they will engage in a guided dialogue, similar to the discussions we have had in regards to areas of strength and growth here at NWSS. Teachers may be required for indirect supervision during these some of these sessions.