Medical Alert:

In order to meet your child’s health needs at school, we appreciate you taking the time to provide updated medical information. You have previously indicated that your child has a medical condition that makes it necessary for him/her to take medication at school on a regular or emergency basis or that your child has a medical condition that may require an emergency intervention or a response plan.

Medical forms can be found below:

Section A is to be completed by your physician/licensed medical practitioner if they have recommended medication to be taken at school either on a regular basis or on an emergency basis. Section B is to be completed by the parent/guardian.

Any changes in medication or dosage will require an updated form before medication can be administered.

Once you have completed the required forms please return it to your school as soon as possible. We will review the information and develop a plan for your child.

Medical Alert Forms- Instructions

Form 315-1 Medical Alert Form 190226

Form 315-2 Request for Administration of Medication

Form 315-3 Medical Alert & Supplemental Care Plan 190822

Diabetes Support Plan & Medical Alert Information

Form 317-1 Anaphylaxis Action 190822