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February 9, 2021

NDUB Student Press Vol. 6 Jan 2021

In this edition of the NDUB Student Press you will find articles on the following:
– Canada’s Flawed Approach to a Foster Care System
– Exploitation of Children in Trafficking Chains
– The Idiocy of Bigotry
– Destigmatizing Neurodivergence
– The Story of Night Owls
– The Worldwide Impact of American Politics
– Feeling the Bern: How Bernie Sanders Became a Political Legend
– Apple & the Monopoly they have on Our Generation
– Toothbrush > iPhone 12
As well as articles on Arts and Entertainment that include A Perspective of a Self-Taught Composer as well as an article on Hollywood A-Listers & the Poker Princess.
As always, this volume features Neve’s Recent Reads and Clarissa’s Album Pick of the Month.
Student Press Volume 6 January 2021