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May 14, 2018

Ministry Numeracy Assessments for Current Grade 11 Students

As you may already know this year’s grade 11 students are to meet the New Graduation 2018 Program Requirements for Graduation. For more information on the Graduation 2018 program see link #1 below.

Students on the new graduation program are no longer required to write subject specific provincial exams, however each student is now required to write a Numeracy and a Literacy assessment prior to graduation. In order to ensure that students are able to meet the requirement by June 2019,

All Grade 11 students will be writing the NUMERACY assessment this June 2018, allowing students opportunities to rewrite during next school year. During the 2018-19 School year Grade 12’s will take a Language Arts 12 course and write the associated provincial exam. That way all requirements will be met in time for applications for post-secondary and time to be able to re write if needed.

A brochure for parents about the NUMERACY assessment is attached to this email. The numeracy assessment is not based on any particular course, rather it evaluates a student’s numeracy skills developed over the course of their education. For more information and sample exam questions see link #2 below.

When will your student write their assessment?:

Grade 11 students will be divided by their A block Homeroom class into one of six exam times. Exams will take place on Friday June 22nd, one in the morning at 9 AM and one in the afternoon starting at 1 PM and subsequently Monday June 25th morning and afternoon and Tuesday June 26th morning and afternoon. Exam sittings are 2 hours in length with one additional hour allowed. Students will be notified next week in their A block class about which date and time they are to write. A complete list will be posted on the wall by the counselling office by student number as well.

If you need more information about Graduation Exam requirements please see link #3 below. The Ministry of Education has a wealth of information for families directly on their web page.

Information about assessment dates and times will also be posted on our school website.

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  1. Provincial Graduation Numeracy Assessment:

  1. Assessment and Exam information for students: