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September 7, 2023

Locker Sign Up

Locker Sign up will open September 6th at 7:00am and close on September 10th at noon.

If you would like to reserve a locker, please book online at

Please note that lockers will be distributed on a first come, first served basis. Lockers are available on each floor. Please consider choosing a locker closest to the location of your courses, remembering to look at your semester 2 courses as well.  Lockers are the property of the New Westminster School District and students are expected to follow the locker guidelines listed below:

• Students are responsible for the locker and contents assigned to them
• Lockers are assigned to students for the entirety of the 2023/2024 school year. Switching lockers is not permitted.
• Students are to provide their own locks for lockers and register the combination when signing up for a locker. Please note that locks may be purchased through School Cash Online at
• The locker may only be used for the storage of books, school supplies, outerwear, school sports equipment and lunches.
• The locker is to be kept clean and food removed on a regular basis.
• Students are responsible for cleaning and removing all material from their locker at the end of the year.
• No illegal substances, weapons or other prohibited or offensive material may be placed in school lockers.
• School officials may search student lockers at any time and without prior notice in order to ensure compliance with the conditions of use and other school policies and rules.
• Permission to use a locker may be terminated when a student does not comply with the conditions of use or school policies or rules.
• It is the responsibility of all members of the school community to keep our schools safe. If any student has reason to believe that any locker contains anything which would impact the health or safety of other students or staff, that student is expected to report the information to a staff member.

Please follow the below instructions when booking a locker.

Your USER ID is your student number
Your birthdate is your password. The format of the password is YYYYMMDD
(example: Birthdate of Jan 28, 2000 would be a password of 20000128)

Lockers will be available for students to begin using starting Monday September 11th.