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February 27, 2017

Junior and Senior lacrosse Provincials Feb 27-March 3

Weather permitting this year the Jr and Sr Lacrosse provincials will take place from Feb 27-March 3. Mercer stadium will be host to a number of games starting daily at 2:00 until 9pm. Other sites for the provincials are Town Center (Coq) and Charles Best. (Coq). The Hyacks open their provincial bid on Tuesday Feb 28 with both teams in action:

Sr B vs Centennial 4:30

Jr B vs Charles Best 6:00

Sr B vs Charles Best 8:30

Wed March 1

Sr B vs Claremont 1 2:00

Jr B vs Claremont 1 4:30

Thur March 2

Jr B vs Claremont 2 4:30

Sr B vs Claremont 2 6:00

Jr B vs Royal Bay 7:15

Round robin play ends and playoff rounds begin

Good Luck to Coach Bowman and Varley and the entire Lacrosse program

Go Hyacks Go!