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October 10, 2023

Information on Upcoming Provincial Assessments

Provincial Assessments: Literacy 10 and Literacy 12: October 30th – November 3rd 

One of the many British Columbia graduation requirements include the need to complete Provincial Assessments.  Students must write the following Provincial Assessments to graduate: 

  1. Graduation Literacy Assessment 10 (GLA 10)
  2. Graduation Numeracy Assessment 10 (GNA 10)
  3. Graduation Literacy Assessment 12 (GLA 12)
  4. Évaluation de littératie de la 12e année – Français langue secondeimmersion (for French Immersion Program students only)

Assessment Details 

  • Assessments are cross-curricular and stand-alone (not tied to a specific course).
  • The exams are two hours long with up to an extra hour if needed.  There is no extra time if students are late.
  • Assessments are scored on a proficiency scale:

Assessment Schedule  

Provincial assessments are offered four times in a school year.  The first session is scheduled to take place Monday, October 30th to Friday, November 3rd.  During this assessment session, NWSS will be conducting the GLA 10 and GLA 12 for all students in Semester 1 and Full-Year English 10 and English 12 classes.

Students and parents/guardians will be emailed the assigned date and time for their student’s registered session before October 16th. Please check your email regularly for information about the date and time your student will be writing the assessment. Students must bring picture identification (Go-card, Driver’s license, or Passport) to the assessment. 

Students who are designated and on an IEP may qualify for certain accommodations they have been regularly accessing throughout the semester.  Please check in with their LST Teacher.