Frequently Asked Questions

Will my grades drop when I join the IB Programme?

While IB content is certainly more challenging than what you might encounter in other High School classes – you get rewarded for it. Universities recognize the increased challenge and depth of IB Courses, and how well the Diploma Programme prepares students for future studies. For example, UBC shares the conversion scale they use for IB student admissions. As you can see below, students who apply with IB grades receive a very fair score conversion to an admission percentage.

Where can I find information on which IB courses are required for post-secondary programs?

Usually Universities and other post-secondary institutions will have dedicated admissions pages for IB students. Below are links to three Universities our students often apply to:



U of T:

I’m in French Immersion – can I pursue both the IB Diploma and the BC Dual Dogwood Diploma?

Yes! There is some planning involved, but we have several students who complete both every year. To ensure eligibility, you will need to complete the standard French Immersion stream through the end of grade 10, as well as Sciences Humaines 11 before enrolling in IB. In IB, you will need to take French B HL.

I play a sport, musical instrument, volunteer, or have other major commitments outside of school. Will I be able to continue them while in IB?

Yes! In fact, participation in activities such as the above is a crucial element of the Creativity, Activity, and Service (CAS) component of the IB Diploma. If you’re already involved in one or more activities outside of the classroom, you’ll be in a great position to continue them and make them a part of your CAS experiences.

Can I transfer from one IB World School to another?

The IBO regional offices work closely with schools to ensure that students of all ages can transfer without problems. However, each IB World School makes its own decision, and not all schools will offer the same combination of courses.

How successful are IB students in applying to university?

Recipients of the IB diploma enjoy a high rate of acceptance at leading universities. In addition, some universities offer scholarships to IB graduates.

Can I take individual Diploma Programme courses?

Yes, but you will receive the IB diploma only if you fulfill all the requirements of the Diploma Programme. Students who enroll in individual courses will receive an IB certificate noting the courses they took and the grades they earned. These grades can still be used to potentially earn transfer credits for certain courses. Refer to individual university transfer credit information for information specific to each institution.

I am a current or potential future IB student. Who do I turn to with questions about the programmes?

The NWSS IB coordinator, Pawel Korczyk, is a great resource for information about the IB programmes. You can contact him at Your counsellor can also provide information.