Work Experience 12

  • We are planning to offer Work Experience 12A in the next school year (September 2022 to June 2023).
  • Work Experience 12 is a grade 12 credit course.
  • It can be taken in grade 11 or 12.
  • This course prepares students for transition from high school to the world of work and further education.
  • Students do 20-25 hours of class work and 80-85 hours of work site experience.

Students benefit by:

  • Exploring potential career choices
  • Experiencing the demands and rewards of participation in the workplace.
  • Developing employability skills
  • Increasing self confidence and self reliance
  • Please complete this Microsoft Form through link or QR Code and submit to express your preliminary interest in this course.

Contact Ms. Moosa if you have any questions: