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Musical Theatre Program

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The Musical Theatre Program at NWSS has seen great success over the last 8 years with productions of Annie (2008),
Bye Bye Birdie (2009), Grease (2011), Footloose (2015) and Legally Blonde The Musical (2017). Each production played to sold out audiences and received accolades from many members of the community commenting on the high calibre of talent and polish. The new Musical Theatre Program will provide students opportunities to engage in this style of performance while receiving course credits for their efforts.


Musical Theatre Program 2017-2018

Auditions for cast and interviews for crew/orchestra will be scheduled in Spring 2017. Students and parents will be contacted by email with the audition dates.
If selected to participate in this program, students will be hand scheduled into the program.

The musical theatre program has three streams, all of which work together to produce a musical production
1. Cast
2. Crew
3. Orchestra

1. Cast Stream:
For students interesting in singing, acting and dancing onstage as part of the show. Students will audition for the cast in
Spring 2016. Students do not have to be strong in all three disciplines to audition, but rather must have interest and
enthusiasm for musical theatre. After the audition, selected students will be placed in two classes:
Theatre Productions (Musical) and Musical Theatre.
Theatre Productions (Musical) is scheduled on the timetable, semester one, as an elective course.
Musical Theatre is an after-school Z block twice a week, plus additional time on weekends close to the performance date.
Courses: Theatre Productions (Musical) and Musical Theatre

2. Crew stream:
For students interested in learning about the behind-the-scenes aspects of musical theatre while being involved in the
creation of a large-scale production. Crew will develop the artistic abilities and technical skills, as well as learn about
production design, technical theatre and theatre management. Crew responsibilities can include sets (design, creation and
movement during show), props, lighting, sound, costumes, hair/makeup, marketing and management. Students receive
credit for Theatre Productions: Musical. This stream will require some additional extra-curricular time commitments,
particularly leading up to the performances and during tech/performance week.
Course: Theatre Productions (Musical)

3. Orchestra stream:
Students who play instruments at a high level can consider joining the production as orchestra members. The live orchestra plays for all performances, as well as rehearses independently from the cast. Rehearsals will be extra-curricular, with increased involvement and time in the weeks leading up to the show dates. Musicians will be selected based on an audition or by invitation of the band leader. Auditions will take place Spring 2016. Depending on the musical chosen, the band may need woodwind, brass, strings, piano, guitar and percussion/drum set. Students in the band will register for Musical Theatre, a single arts course credit.
Course: Musical Theatre

PREREQUISITES: Students involved in the Musical Theatre Program must be registered in either dance, drama or music
courses concurrently. Students planning to audition should indicate their interest by circling the Musical Theatre program
option at the top of the course selection sheet. Students then fill out a regular course selection sheet BUT MUST ALSO REGISTER FOR AN AUDITION/INTERVIEW FOR THIS PROGRAM USING THIS ONLINE FORM.

For more information, please email Ms Kelly Proznick, Visual and Performing Arts Department Head at