Musical Theatre Program for 2024 – 2025


NWSS is offering the FULL Musical Theatre Program in the 2024 – 2025 school year.

We are looking for CAST, CREW and ORCHESTRA MEMBERS to collaborate in producing a fully staged musical event in March 2025.

This program is by audition only.  Audition information is available by clicking the links below.  Auditions will occur after school at the end of February 2024.

Program Information: Musical Theatre Program Course Description for admin

Audition Information: Musical-Theatre-Audition-Program-Requirements-2024-2025

Cast Audition Form: Cast-Audition-Form-Musical-Theatre25 Download here

Crew Interview Information: March 5 starting at 3:30pm. There is no need to sign up, we will make time to interview everyone.

Click on the following for audition sign-up:  Click here

Please find the video tutorial for your DANCE AUDITION here! On the day of your audition, you will be asked to perform this dance in small groups (3-5) at the BEGINNING of your audition session. Please wear appropriate footwear and clothing to show us your best! Beginner dancers – don’t fret! We are not looking for your dance to be perfect – we are hoping to see how you move, and carry yourself. Please modify as needed! See you next week!


Questions? Contact Ms Monteleone ( or Ms Waldner (