Music: Instrumental Performance Ensembles

Strings and Orchestra Class

In this class students have the opportunity to play a stringed instrument in a group setting. Students that would like to learn violin, viola, cello, or upright bass, but have no formal training will be guided through the first steps of how to play their chosen instrument, use the bow and how to read standard notation. This course is also open to those students that play wind instruments and want to play in small ensembles with other motivated individuals.

Advanced level students on both winds and string instruments will be given more challenging repertoire to play in smaller groups. As well, they will be expected to be first chair, and/or section leaders in the large ensemble.

Guitar students that have successfully completed Level One guitar with Mr. Paterson are also able to participate in this class. Reading standard notation, and improving the ability to play in tempo with others will be a man focus.

Every student will have the opportunity to advance their musical skills by learning and rehearsing pieces for large ensemble, small ensemble, and in some cases, solo materials. This ensemble will perform in a number of concerts each year, the first being in December, and the final two in the latter half of the year.

Please contact Mr. Paterson for further details.