Technology 9 Overview

Technology 9 is an introduction to the different areas that are offered within the Technology Education Department. Students love the hands on learning while being introduced to 4 different areas that are can be explored in depth in their Grade 10 classes.

Drafting, Metal work, Electronics and Robotics and Woodworking are areas that are introduced. Students move through each subject area in quick 4 ½ week rotations. Safety and proper use of tools and machines is stressed. This program allows students to make an informed choice for their Grade 10 electives to the areas that have created their greatest interest.


ADST 9 – Power Technology

ADST 9 – Design Engineering and Architecture

This area introduces students to Drafting using computers.  “AutoCad” the Industry standard for software is used to design and manufacture different projects using the class 3D printer.  Students create LOGO designs that they use a Vinyl Cutter to create their Logo that they can put onto their binder, skate board, etc.

ADST Woodwork 9 – Wood Craft/Maker

In the Woodworking 9 section, students are introduced to some of the basic machines where they create a wooden spatula on the lathe, a logo display on the scroll saw and a wooden box on the band saw. General safety within a shop and the function and proper use of the different tools are covered.

ADST 9 – Engineering, Coding and Robotics

This section introduces students to the world of Electronics and Robotics.  General electronic concepts are introduced and covered.  “VEX IQ” an introductory Robotics platform is used to allow students to build and program robots.  Students use the robots to complete different task that are used to build a base understanding of programming and how technology is being integrated into many areas of everyday life.

ADST 9 – Metalwork, Mechanics, and Bikes

In this section students are introduced to Metal work.  Projects include Spin tops, BBQ flippers, metal  brazed name tags, forged designed leafs and key chains.  Students are allowed to use the Plasma cutter to cut shapes out of metal.  Class content covers the safe use of hand tools and machines as well as how different procedures are used while building the projects.