Engineering and Electronic

The NWSS Engineering and Electronic Program is dedicated to providing an introduction to Mechanical, Electrical, Software Engineering and Electronic. This is a tactile program where students learned by interacting with tools, and machines. Students learn theory and show their understanding by designing, programing and building their projects.

Courses offered at NWSS include:

Technology Education 9 #275

Technology Education 9 (TECH9) is an introduction to four disciplines. Engineering and electronic, Woodwork, Metalwork and Drafting. In this program student will build and program robots using VEX, turn and machine wood objects (box, spatula…), learn how to weld and forge and machine various metals, design using AutoCAD software and 3D print objects. Visit this link for more about Vex Robotics.

Electronics and Robotics 10  #376

Electronic and Robotics 10 Is course open to all. Student will be introduced to the basic of programing, electrical circuits and robotics. Student will show their understanding by designing and build robots using VEX platform. They will also design devices using Arduino microcomputers and wide range of sensors. This course is also an introduction to Mechanical, electrical and software engineering.

Electronics and Robotics 11  #483

This is an introductory engineering course focusing on t h e Engineering Design Process, robotics and electronics. The main objective of this course is to design and create mechanisms and devices to solve various problem statements. Hand and power tools will be used to manufacture projects using a variety of materials. Projects may include simple and complex machines, programmable robotics (VEX) and programmable electronics (ARDUINO).

Electronics and Robotics  12  # 588

Engineering 12 (electronics and robotics) is a continuation of grade 11, where students will further develop their robotics design, programming, movement and function. Hand and power tools will be used to manufacture mechanisms and electronics using a variety of materials. Students will compete in VEX robotics competitions and self-directed projects using the Raspberry Pi platform.