School Assessments (School Wide Read and School Wide Write)

NWSS’ English Department is proud of our long standing commitment to building students’ literacy skills.One of our most valuable traditions is our baseline assessment tools that help teachers assess student strengths and weaknesses in composing, synthesizing and responding to texts in writing. These tools are the School Wide Read and the School Wide Write These assessment tools have been developed in collaboration, refined over the past decade and are marked according to rigorous assessment practices. They allow teachers to get to know the skills of individual students and classes as a whole. These tasks take place on the second and fourth week of the semester. Please contact your English teacher for more details.

Students can also access planning tools for composition, analysis and synthesis tasks here or by contacting their teacher. Students should also read the detailed explanation of the NWSS English department’s Academic Honesty Policy and ask their teacher if they need any clarifications.