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January 8, 2024

Core Competencies Self -Assessments 2023-2024

Communication, Thinking, Personal & Social - The Core Competencies are sets of intellectual, personal, and social and emotional proficiencies that all students need to engage in deep, lifelong learning. Along with literacy and numeracy foundations, they are central to British Columbia’s K-12 curriculum and assessment system and directly support students in their growth as educated citizens. Learning these skills, sets students up for success in school, in the workplace, and in their relationships with others [Ministry of Education].

The Core Competencies self-assessment will be completed by students 4 times throughout the upcoming school year:

  • Tuesday, November 28: Block A 
  • Tuesday, January 16: Block B 
  • Tuesday, April 9: Block C 
  • Tuesday, June 11: Block D

Students will be setting goals and completing a self-assessment of their skills through a Microsoft Form. Students will have 80 minutes to complete. Students are encouraged to bring their own device.

Once a student submits the completed Form, a copy is automatically emailed to the parent/guardian in MyEd and to the student.

Students on modified/adapted programs will be provided with an alternate template/process if required and will be supported by their Learning Support Teacher.  A process to support students who do not have a device will be in place.

Students who have a study block or are absent will have access to the QR code through the school website and posters located around the school. The Form will close on the Friday of the week of the self-assessments @3pm.