Departments & Programs - Athletics

NWSS Athletic Department

The New Westminster Secondary School Athletic Department, composed of professional educators and volunteers, endeavors to provide its student-athletes with the opportunity to pursue personal and athletic excellence in a variety of sports. Personal athletic excellence includes development of athletic skills, team leadership, competitiveness, and a positive team and personal attitude.

Our Mission

To develop responsible citizens and lifelong learners who respect learning, the environment, themselves and others.

What We Want

We want our graduates to have the following attributes:


  • legitimate feelings of self worth and competence;

Knowledge and Thinking Ability

  • a solid track record of academic success and a base for further learning;

Process Skills

  • the ability to communicate, solve problems, make decisions and contribute to a group;


  • the ability and predisposition to be a responsible member of society;

Self-Directed Lifelong Learner

  • the capacity to select wise personal goals and the self-discipline to achieve them.

Our Values and Beliefs

We value the diversity and uniqueness of individuals. We believe:

  • everyone can learn skills and develop talents
  • everyone learns best in a safe, caring and nurturing environment
  • everyone can learn more through encouragement and recognition
  • everyone learns at different rates
  • everyone learns in different ways

We value the process and importance of learning. We believe:

  • learning is driven by personal goals and success
  • learning may be enhanced by:
    • clear purpose
    • high expectations and positive attitudes
    • understanding of the learning and evaluation process
    • alignment between best knowledge and instructional practice
    • outcomes that are defined and assessed
    • partnerships of students, staff, parents and community

We value leadership and service. We believe:

  • everyone has a responsibility to lead and to serve
  • our actions must be based on knowledge and informed practice
  • our community is inter-connected and inter-dependent
  • consensus and collaboration are critical
  • leadership is enhanced by:
    • inspiring a shared vision
    • seeking continuous improvement
    • setting an example and supporting others
    • recognizing individual and team contributions
    • sharing power and information